Camille San Miguel


My name is Camille and I was lucky enough to take my first trip to Walt Disney world in 1971, right after Magic Kingdom opened. My mother made sure that we went as often, as she could take us on a budget, when we were kids. Many wonderful memories were created during those magical trips and I feel very thankful and lucky that we were able to have those wonderful vacations as a family. A tradition that I now try to keep with my own daughter, whose first visit was at seven months old and has been an annual passholder since the day she turned 3. We want to bring a smile to her face when she gets older and remembers the vacations that we took. Creating memories that will last her forever is very important for us as a family. Just as it was important to my mom as we were growing up.

The passion for travel runs in my family, so, I have traveled extensively and have experienced many different cultures and seen so many beautiful and unique places. Traveling gives you a different perspective of life and makes you appreciate what you have, where you came from and who you are.

I also pride myself for finding the very best accommodations, at the best price and doing extensive research to learn all about places to visit, best restaurants to eat and the best transportation to get there. This is what makes me happy and what I have done for my family for years and the reason we can travel so often. This is also what I can offer you and your family, a carefully planned unique vacation that will allow everyone to make memories that will last forever. The way it should be…

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What Camille’s clients are saying about her ~

“I always love planning my Disney vacations with Camille. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, very courteous and makes recommendations based on what she knows we like and our budget. She’s always available to answer any questions or concerns, no matter how many times you contact her. We’ll definitely continue to plan our vacations with her.” Sonia C.

“Camille es la mejor, te ayuda en todo y hace que tu vacación sea 100% exitosa. Acomoda el plan a la necesidad de cada cual y verdaderamente se nota que ama lo que hace. La mejor” Rosalyn H.

“Camille was extremely aware of all situations related to our trip and she handled our group extremely well. I will recommend her without hesitation. We had a great time on our vacations!”