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Don Family 1Like many kids, I grew up in awe of all things Disney on television. I was able to visit once as a small child for a day trip and a few times as a teen while in Florida visiting family for additional day trips. Once I was married and started a family it became a priority for us to visit Disney for real. Our first trip in August of 2003 was a huge success. After much deliberation we settled on the Yacht Club resort. Our first two kids were 5 and 3, making the trip magical in so many ways. Being able to relax at the resort between touring the parks was more than we even imagined. Disney hooked us line and sinker.

After that visit we began visiting at least once a year, sometimes twice. Staying at as many resorts as possible was a major draw for us. While I haven’t slept at every resort, I have slept every deluxe, except the Grand Floridian, a couple moderates and one value. Once we had our third child we started renting Disney Vacation Club points until we finally bought our own. Our touring style has varied over the years, but planning was and is always my priority. I love planning trips for myself and others. Until I decided it was time to become a travel agent, I planned trips for many friends and family.

Outside of Walt Disney World we love to travel the country and world as well. Each year we visit other locales such as Washington DC, Hershey, PA, Mammoth Caves, Santa Claus, IN, and many other theme parks including Universal Orlando. I bring my Disney passion for planning into all my vacations. Most recent a major trip to Europe on a 12 night Disney Mediterranean cruise. This brought us to our 5th Disney cruise and at least once on each Disney ship.

Our love for the parks spills over to our home life as well. Disney movies, games and decorations spill into our lives in many ways. We love bringing back pieces of the parks to use in our daily activities and help us remember our trips.

Also under my belt are several Disney planning classes I have taught. Two at our local school and one at my church. Each class helped me prepare others to have a fantastic time at Disney World. I still hear how great the trips were when I helped them plan their hotel, dining and park visits to take full advantage of their time on vacation.

While Disney has brought our family many wonderful vacation, I also am well versed in a plethora of other destinations. Cruising is our entire family’s favorite vacation. Four cruises in the Caribbean and one in the Mediterranean help me provide wonderful insight into these types of trips.

As my kids have grown older, trips have changed. Driving sometimes, flying others. Going as a couple or in a large family group of dozens. Our vacations are our most special time together. Planning ahead of time make our trips special beyond measure. I am looking forward to doing the same for others.


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