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Once upon a time… isn’t that where all great stories begin? My story is no different, well, minus the talking animals.

Once upon a time I met my prince charming at the ripe old age of 15, upon learning his last name I declared I would marry him.  Five years later, I did.  I like to pay attention to little details such as last names.  We promptly had three beautiful children and life was complete.  Unfortunately, life isn’t all fairy tales and we discovered my daughter Chloe was born with a very rare genetic disorder called Rett Syndrome.  My attention to details and living with a child who suffers from a crippling disability had given me a very unique perspective on life.

As a girl, I traveled to Florida and New York City.  As a young adult I traveled to West Virginia (go to the Mystery Hole it’s crazy cool!), Hershey, PA, Fort Wayne, IN and Washington DC.

Then for our 10 anniversary, my husband I went by our selves to Disney World.  He had never been and allowed me to plan every detail, which I did with the help of Travel On A Dream.  It was then I learned two things that would change every thing.  I was helplessly infatuated with the Disney brand and their similar affinity for details, and how valuable a travel agent truly is.  All these years I had spent hours and hours planning not only our trips but all my friends and families trips as well, it never occurred to me that this was the career I was meant to have. Then along came Travel On A Dream and it was like magic.  Now, I get to help make magic for others.  Let my unique perspective and my attention to detail tailor a one of kind memory you will never forget.  Let me help you with your Happily Ever After.

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What Jessica’s clients are saying about her ~

“Jessica was very responsive and extremely helpful throughout my whole experience. From the planning stages, to a small problem while down there (not a TOAD problem!), she was always willing to do all she could to ensure I had the best experience. Much appreciation for all the help.” Keith