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When Will The Rest of 2013 Come Out?

This has been the biggest question we have heard since Tuesday’s announcement of the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream itineraries for 2013.  Seasoned Disney cruisers are waiting for something new.  When I ask my clients what do they want to see, the number one response is “Eastern Mediterranean”.  I think the most important thing for many of these cruisers is that they have options for new itineraries.

I am the same way.  I have been to the Caribbean, Alaska and the Mediterranean.  I’ve been through the Panama Canal twice.  Would I go again?  Yes, but only if the ports of call on the way are different than what I’ve experienced before.  This is why the Galveston sailings of the Disney Magic don’t interest me.  I have to travel to get to Galveston or Port Canaveral so that’s not important to me.  If I want to go to the Western Caribbean – specifically Grand Cayman and Cozumel – I will go to Florida and go on the Disney Fantasy before I’ll go to Galveston for the same ports of call.

Speaking of Galveston, I hope that Disney changes the itinerary for 2013 on the Disney Magic.  Galveston cruises were an exciting prospect until the itineraries were announced.  I think a lot of people felt the way that I did about that.  Some of the New York City sailings are popular, but I still think that more people would like to see the Disney Magic return to Europe with a new itinerary.

We have heard rumors of sailings to the Eastern and Western Mediterranean.  This was furthered by Disney Cruise Line’s own survey of past guests, asking their opinion of this possibility.  With both an Eastern and Western Mediterranean itinerary offered, there are possibilities of doing back to back sailings and not repeating the same ports of call.  A lot of cruisers have done the transatlantic sailing and either the first or last Mediterranean sailing, making for an extended European vacation without having to fly both ways to Europe.  Having a rotating itinerary throughout the summer will spread out the demand from just the first and last Mediterranean cruises.  Another disappointment in 2010 was when Disney Cruise Line chartered the last Mediterranean cruise.  This left one back to back option with different ports of call.  Hopefully that won’t happen again.

So the answer to the question – When will the rest of 2013 itineraries come out?  Your guess is as good as mine!  We have heard rumors with the release being as early as today to as late as “next Spring”.  We monitor all information and once we have more specific information about release dates, we will be advising everyone.

Here are some tips to get yourself ready though. If you are working with a travel agent, let them know what you want to do as soon as possible, even before the dates and itineraries are announced.  This will get you in line with the rest of their clients.  Not every travel agent has a waitlist though so be prepared.  What you want to figure out is the following:

  • Which itineraries you would be interested in – don’t just stick with your top choice, spell out what all you would be interested in doing.
  • Which dates you are interested in – be specific but also allow for other choices.  My clients will give me their first, second, etc. choices in dates.
  • Which categories you are interested in – again, either specify rooms or categories you want but also allow for alternatives if your choices aren’t available.
  • Make sure your agent has all of your information – if you just want a quote, your agent won’t be able to guarantee pricing without having legal names and dates of birth/ages at a minimum.  We can get you a courtesy hold, but not if you tell us “I have 2 adults and 2 kids, age 14 and 10”.  Prices can and do go up without holding the reservation so make sure your agent is ready to hold something for you.
  • Have patience but don’t expect miracles – if you email your agent on the day the itineraries are available, you will likely be at the bottom of their list.  You can’t expect them to move you to the top at that point.

I have heard that some people emailed their agents before the release on Tuesday and didn’t get a response back right away.  They waited to hear back from the agent only to find out that the agent wasn’t ready for the release.  You need to feel confident in your travel agent.  If you don’t, you will not feel comfortable waiting for them to get things done for you.

If you are a previous cruiser, you can check in your Castaway Club area on the web to see when your booking is made.  Of course, if your agent doesn’t have this information (they will need your date of birth and your Castaway Club identification number to book this online), it won’t show up in your profile, even if they have a reservation for you, until they are able to link up your Castaway Club number with your reservation.

We have a mailing list and as we get more information on possible itineraries or release dates we send out emails to the list.  To get on the list, please email

Where Do You Want to Cruise?

For those not familiar with cruising, you may think that cruises only go to the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera.  Most probably realize that ships also go to Alaska and the Mediterranean.  But where else can you go on a cruise?  Just about anywhere!

The most popular cruising destinations are the Caribbean, Europe and Alaska.  But there are so many more places to cruise.  The Bahamas and Caribbean cover a wide area with the Bahamian islands down to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, to the Leeward Islands and Windward Islands and Netherlands Antilles to the east and South.  To the West there is Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and even the Panama Canal.  Caribbean Cruises operate year-round, but fewer companies offer these sailing in the summer months.  Panama Canal sailings can be a half transit (roundtrip sailing) or a full transit (repositioning sailing).

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Amazing 3-Day Sale from Cunard July 6-8, 2011

We are seeing some incredible rates on 12 night Mediterranean sailings between August 28, 2011 and November 8, 2011 on the Queen Victoria on Cunard.  If you have ever considered cruising Cunard, now is a great time to lock in these incredible prices.

Inside rooms start at just $1,099 per person (plus taxes and fees) and the Queen Grill suites start at just $4,599 per person (plus taxes and fees) for these 12 night sailings.  Sailings start and end in Rome and Venice (all one way sailings) until October 27 when the next two sailings go between Venice and Athens, Greece.  Destinations include the Greek Isles, Black Sea and the Holy Land.

In addition to these incredible prices, you will also receive an onboard credit up to $300 per stateroom and a reduced deposit (only 12.5% of the voyage fare).  You will also qualify for Travel On A Dream’s loyalty program.  Don’t miss this awesome opportunity!

Time For An Epic Vacation!

Now is a great time to book your Norwegian Epic cruise to the Mediterranean.  Between now and July 31, 2011, you can book a summer 2011 or 2012 cruise to the Mediterranean on Norwegian Epic and get up to $300 onboard credit per stateroom to spend onboard for things like spa treatments, specialty restaurants and more!

But there’s more!  Are you thinking of a Western Mediterranean cruise on July 24, 2011?  Norwegian recently announced a new Family Comfort promotion.  NCL is offering a 50% off discount for the second guest in a room, as long as the second guest is under 18.  This is a great opportunity for single parents to take your child on a Mediterranean cruise.  This is also a great way for families to spread out and have two rooms instead of one.  This promotion must be booked between today and June 25, 2011.  Just mention that youa re looking for the Family Comfort promotion.

As always, these promotions can be combined with Travel On A Dream’s loyalty program.

NCL Jade Mediterranean Cruises Cancelled

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced that it has cancelled the Eastern Mediterranean and Holy Land Cruises on the Norwegian Jade from November 26, 2011 through April 11, 2012.  This is in part due to safety concerns in the region.

Instead NCL will have a 12-day dry dock for the Jade beginning on November 26, followed by 9-night cruises to the Canary Islands from Barcelona from December 8 through April 12.  Following these cruises, the ship will offer a repositioning cruise to Venice on April 21, 2012.   Affected passengers are being contacted and can transfer to any other sailing between now and December 31, 2012 or the same itinerary currently booked between October 12, 2012 and April 17, 2013.

It is speculated that this change is only in part due to safety concerns, but more likely due to the difficulty in filling these sailings.  Other cruise operators have returned to the area already as they feel the safety concern is not as significant as in the past and the countries still having unrest are not usually visited by cruise lines, either with the cruises or cruisetours.  Royal Caribbean is canceling winter Eastern Caribbean cruises on the Navigator of the Seas which will be moving to the Caribbean.  Disney Cruise Line will be staying close to home in 2012 and not going to Europe.  With airfare pricing escalating, some agents believe that it is just costing too much to get passengers to the cruises, many times exceeding the cost of the cruise itself.