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Hi! My name is Karen Andersen.  I have been a Travel Agent for 4 years now.  When I am not busy traveling the world I live on a farm in Janesville Wisconsin.  I am the 4th generation of my family to reside on this farm.  My husband Josh and I have 3 kids, 2 dog, 3 cats, 2 Donkeys, 4 goats, 13 chickens and 2 parakeets.  We will be adding a Flemish Giant rabbit to the mix this spring.  Gardening is a passion of mine and when I travel I love going to different farms and gardens.

I first fell in love with travel when I went to Europe when I was 21.  I have since been back there and to many different places around the world.  My most recent adventure took me to Greece and Turkey.  I fell in love with theme parks once I had my own children and could experience the magic through their eyes.  We now visit Disney and Universal as much as possible.

My favorite trips to help you plan are European Destinations, Family Friendly Group Tours, and Theme Parks.  I enjoy the challenge of piecing together a unique trip.  I also book Cruises and All-Inclusive Vacations and can put together any vacation you might be dreaming of.

Even though I hold a Bachelors Degree from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire I am continually working to learn and and improve as a Travel Agent.  This career is constantly changing.  As a Travel Agent it is my job to keep up with the changes to best advise my clients.

If you are ready to get a new trip planned let me know.

Please contact me at:

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Email: karen@travelonadream.com
Phone: 888-681-1240
Outside of the United States: 608-338-0672


What Karen’s clients are saying about her:

“Karen was awesome! She provided answers very timely to all my questions prior to booking and after. She also provided insights and suggestions leading up to the cruise. She provided world class customer service. Our experience was amazing. This one easily one of our top vacations of our life. Not only was the vacation itself amazing, but Karen made things simple and easy. Something as simple as providing the free luggage tag holders made things very stress free. Just an amazing experience overall.”

“Karen was so kind and ready to help with anything. She made the planning process so much earlier. She was so great I just set my Sister in Law up with her! Thank You”

Very helpful and gave me options I could choose based on my requests.  Karen was quick to respond in whichever mode of communication worked for me.  We had a great vacation!