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Traveling makes the world smaller. It shows us people and cultures that we may have only previously read about. It can take you back in time, leap you ahead to the future, or teach you about nature or the world. It can also teach you a lot about yourself and the people you are traveling with. I love to travel! Before becoming a travel agent I had traveled in Europe, the Caribbean, Canada, and all over the U.S. Each experience has been amazing and has taught me about different cultures as well as about myself. After each trip I get to return to the amazing State of Wisconsin where I was born and raised. The people of Wisconsin love to travel. Our winters are long and spring break trips to warmer weather seem to be a tradition for many families as well as my own.

Througkaren3hout these adventures I have many stories. One of my favorites is from the first time my husband and I took our 3 children to Walt Disney World. At the time they were 7, 5, and 1. Although Frozen had just come out a couple months before this trip my oldest daughter was still a huge Brave fan. Merida was and is her favorite princess. On the one day we were at Magic Kingdom she was dressed as Merida and was getting her hair done at the Bippity Boppity Boutique to match. We knew after her salon appointment we needed to move fast to get to the meet and greet for Merida. Unfortunately, moving fast with 3 young kids is not really possible. By the time we got to Merida they had put up the velvet rope and told us we could come back tomorrow. I explained to the woman in charge that we were only here for a day. She then looked at my daughter and saw that she was also Merida and she let us in. My daughter still remembers this and I will never forget it. For me that is what Disney is all about. It is about amazing service and making dreams come true. It takes a lot of people to make Disney magical. I became a travel agent to help make Disney, or whatever trip you take, magical.

We all save money to make our vacation dreams come true. When you plan your own vacation you hope that the hotel you chose or the cruise you take won’t disappoint. When you work with a travel agent you know they have connections to others in the travel world and insights into the trip you are planning. If they haven’t personally done something or been somewhere they know people who have. You don’t need to hope it goes well, you can sleep easy knowing that someone else knows the ropes and can make it go well. You can enjoy your vacation knowing that there is someone who can help you if something goes wrong. A travel agent can save you time, money, and worry. I would love to be that person for you!!

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What Karen’s clients are saying about her:

“Karen was awesome! She provided answers very timely to all my questions prior to booking and after. She also provided insights and suggestions leading up to the cruise. She provided world class customer service. Our experience was amazing. This one easily one of our top vacations of our life. Not only was the vacation itself amazing, but Karen made things simple and easy. Something as simple as providing the free luggage tag holders made things very stress free. Just an amazing experience overall.”

“Karen was so kind and ready to help with anything. She made the planning process so much earlier. She was so great I just set my Sister in Law up with her! Thank You”

Very helpful and gave me options I could choose based on my requests.  Karen was quick to respond in whichever mode of communication worked for me.  We had a great vacation!