Bars and Nightclubs on the Disney Fantasy

/Bars and Nightclubs on the Disney Fantasy

Bars and Nightclubs on the Disney Fantasy

During our Magical Preview cruise on the Disney Fantasy recently, we had a chance to explore some of the bars and nightclubs on the ship. This is one area where the Disney Fantasy is better than the Disney Dream, in my opinion. In no particular order, here they are.

Outlook Bar

Located in the forward funnel on deck 14, this is a great place to watch the sunset.  I’m not sure how often the room is actually open.  On the Navigators it says “Sunset”.  On our cruise this was used primarily for media.

Currents Bar

One of my favorite outside bars to enjoy the ocean and even the Pirate Night fireworks from.  This is the same as it is on the Disney Dream.

Waves Bar

On the Disney Dream, this bar is located where the AquaLab is located on the Disney Fantasy, so did they eliminate this bar?  No, you can still find it on the port side of the ship in the same basic area.  This is mainly used for service to the cocktail servers on deck.

Cove Bar

This bar is located in Quiet Cove on deck 11 at one end of the adult pool.  Sit in the shade and have a drink or dangle your feet in the pool at this poolside bar.

Cove Cafe

Located adjacent to the adult pool, this bar offers specialty coffee beverages throughout the day as well as a full bar.  You’ll also find some treats in here as well.

Vista Cafe

Located in the Atrium on deck 4, this cafe is similar to the Cove Cafe though is available to any age, not just adults.

D Lounge

For those that have cruised on the Classic ships, this lounge is most like Studio Sea with it’s use.  Seminars, trivia and family activities will be found in this lounge.

Bon Voyage

Located on deck 3 in the Atrium, this is a great place to grab a cocktail after boarding or anytime during your cruise.  This is a great place to people watch as well since many will pass this location going from the show to dinner.


This adult only area occupies the same space as the District does on the Disney Dream, with changes to the size and shape of the bars.  Reminiscent of European nightlife, this area has something for everyone.  Due to some of the activities offered in Europa during the day, La Piazza and O’Gills Pub allow children before 9:00 pm.  Check your daily Navigator for select shows in The Tube for families.  If the Navigator does not say children are permitted to attend, the show is for adults only.

La Piazza

La Piazza is modeled after an Italian square.  The bar here resembles a carousel and the lighting around the bar simulates the carousel rotating. There is even a Vespa and sidecar!

Ooh La La

This champagne bar will remind you of a French boudoir.  Be sure to check out the Ooh La La Champagne, featuring Jessica Rabbit on the label.

The hallway going to The Tube has the bathrooms.  I am not a fan of this area as it is quite cramped.  If it were a hallway to the restrooms, that would be fine, but this is a main walkway between clubs. You cannot stop and talk to someone here without blocking traffic.

The Tube

Ready to go on the London Subway?  Check out the Tube!  From the subway map on the floor to the red phone booths on the side of the dance floor, this is the dance club on the ship.  The cabaret shows each night are offered in here as well as the live bands or DJs each night.


Similar to the Skyline bar on the Dream, this bar offers a skyline view of some of Europe’s cities, including Barcelona, London and Paris.  It was fun trying to guess which skyline was currently displayed.  With the Disney Fantasy, this bar was expanded nearly 50%.  In addition to usual bar cocktails, you can get cocktails that were designed for each of the cities displayed.

O’Gills Pub

O’Gills is an Irish pub/Sports bar that has a lot of energy.  There are big screen TVs showing the big game.  This place was always busy and a lot of fun.  I attended 80s music trivia here and they had us all singing to the hits of the 80s.


This adult only lounge says “welcome” to all who enter.  Located between Palo and Remy on deck 13 aft, this lounge has both inside and outside seating to have a cocktail before dinner.  You will have to adhere to a dress code here, much like you do at Remy and Palo, but it is worth it for the spectacular views and fabulous martinis.

No matter what you want to experience – a nice quiet place to relax to a high energy dance club, you can find it on the Disney Fantasy.

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