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Beware of The Fine Print

In the last two weeks, we have had clients bring something to our attention so we wanted to bring this to your attention.  I wouldn’t say it is false advertising, but it is making it look like there is a promotion when there really isn’t one.  Here is a picture of what our clients saw:


It looks like a great deal, right?  Kids Stay Free!!  However, when you read the description, it says at Art of Animation, with one adult, you can have up to 5 kids 17 and under stay for free.  This is the way it is all the time at Disney.  There isn’t ever a charge for the room when children, up to occupancy limits, stay in a room with one or two adults.  Extra charges are applicable when you have more than two adults however, but no extra charges for the room when you have children.  A similar promotion that Disney has offered in the past is the Kids Stay and Play Free, which this is not. 

I believe our clients were thinking that they would be getting tickets or a dining plan for free with this promotion, but that is not the case.  We’re happy to compare offers for you and find these inconsistencies when we see them.  Be sure to give us a copy of the promotion (or link) that you want us to compare.  Rarely will you find a promotion that is available to one travel company and not to another with Disney.

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