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If you are ready for a quote, we ask that complete our Request Form.  Your payment information isn’t required to get a quote, it is optional.  If you are ready to submit your payment information based on the quote you received, please use this Client Payment Form.

In many cases, we do not charge a consultation fee for our services. The cost of our services are bundled in the cost of your trip.  In these cases, we are paid at the time that you travel, not for each quote that you request. Most travel companies do not allow travel consultants to reduce their pricing, so pricing will likely be the same between agencies.

If you are simply looking for the right consultant to work with, please email so we can answer your general questions rather than filling out a request form. All requests for pricing however will need a Request for Information form. Please understand we will only give three quotes without a service fee.

When we do need to charge a consultation fee, this will be disclosed to you upfront. The amount will be based on the work involved to take care of your request and your needs through travel. Fees are not refundable.

For trips where a consultation fee is not charged, we do have set cancellation and change fees.

Cancellation Fees:

Hotel only: $25 per person; Cruise or tour booking only: $50 per person; Multiple booking vacation package: $75 per person. Fee may be reduced if replacement bookings are made within 30 days.

Change Fees:

Varies based on changes requested: From $25 on up.  Your agent will disclose the fee prior to starting the work. Fee may be waived if change increases the cost of the vacation.

Other fees:

Airline ticket fees: $50 per person for domestic, $75 per person for international

All applicable fees to be paid before work commences via check, major credit card, Venmo or Paypal.

Please fill out our Request Form or Formulario en español if you are ready to start the booking process.
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