Motion Sickness 2018-01-22T12:21:05-06:00

Yes, you can get motion sickness on a ship. It is because your body is confused with the movement you may or may not be feeling. There are many remedies to this. Some opt for a patch prescribed by their doctor, others use over the counter remedies like Dramamine or Bonine and some use more natural approaches like the wristbands with pressure points or ginger tablets. I personally don’t like taking the medication as I feel it makes me dopey (even the non-drowsy formula), so I take ginger tablets, starting a few days before we sail. I bring a few more onboard to get me through the first day or so. Once my body gets use to the movement, I don’t get that motion sickness feeling anymore. I do however, always bring Dramamine with me just in case it gets out of control.

If you do not bring anything for motion sickness, you can usually get something from the medical center or guest services, you just need to ask. One word of caution though. If you start feeling queasy, do not try and “tough it out” or start drinking a lot of water. It is best to eat and get to an open deck so you can see the water and the horizon. Motion sickness is caused because your inner ear can sense the movement but you cannot see the movement (i.e. you are walking down the hall inside). Going outside and getting fresh air and a good perspective on what is happening will help. If you wait too long to take something for the feelings, you may find yourself sicker.