Onboard Activities 2018-01-22T12:17:23-06:00

One of the arguments against going on a cruise is that there is nothing to do. This is absolutely not true! The cruise staff will offer many activities for everyone! From trivia contests, pool games, bingo, towel and napkin folding to beverage tastings, ship and galley tours, there are activities for all ages. You’ll also find a nightly show, comedians, magicians and other artists. When you check in at the terminal or once you are in your room, you will receive a daily planner. This will be a newsletter of sorts with a listing of what you can do. Each night when your stateroom host turns down your room, they will leave you the daily newsletter for the next day. It’s fun to read this just before bed to see what you might want to do the next day.

These newsletters will also include information on the ports of call, sales in the shops, promotions in the casino and rebooking information. Keep your schedule with you so you know what’s going on onboard.

Here’s a tip with the newsletter. Bring highlighters with you (one for each person in your room) and you can each highlight the activities you want to go to each day.

Some of the cruise lines have apps for your smart phone. These apps can be used for free onboard (though you will want to download the app before the ship sails). Here you will find all of the activities listed on the planner in a easy to use format. Some even have ways for yo to communicate with others onboard which is great on the larger ships.