Repeat Cruiser Clubs 2018-01-22T12:20:24-06:00

Once you have cruised on a particular line, you will have the opportunity to become a member of their “loyalty club”. In some cases, this is automatic, but in others, you have to apply. Membership does not cost anything and can get you a lot of benefits if you continue to cruise. Most of the cruise lines will have levels of membership, based on the amount of cruising you have done with them. For some lines, it is based on the number of cruises you have taken. Others base it on the number of nights you have sailed and others do a combination of these two.

Benefits for these clubs can include laundry services, internet credits, early booking bonuses, treats in the room, special tours, free dining at specialty restaurants, etc. You should always make sure you let your travel agent know if you have cruised with a particular cruise line before when looking to book another cruise. This will allow them to see what benefits you may qualify for.

With Disney, the level of membership determines when you are allowed to prebook excursions, spa reservations and specialty restaurant reservations. This can be a big advantage when you are sailing on a popular sail date.