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Disney Cruise Line Menus

While we were onboard last week, we were able to pick up copies of the current Disney Cruise Line Menus.  We did not get a copy of the ‘Til We Meet Again menu, but did get the Captain’s Gala menu, which we didn’t have.  There is also a special 3D menu for the Pixar Cruises.  Warning:  Eat something before looking or you’ll be hungry!

menuAnimators Palate, Page One
Animators Palate, Page Two
Animators Palate, Desserts

Parrot Cay, Page One
Parrot Cay, Page Two
Parrot Cay, Desserts

Triton’s, Page One
Triton’s, Page Two
Triton’s, Desserts

Golden Mickey’s, Page One
Golden Mickey’s, Page Two
Golden Mickey’s, Desserts

Captain’s Gala, Page One
Captain’s Gala, Page Two
Captain’s Gala, Desserts

Pirates In The Caribbean, Page One
Pirates In The Caribbean, Page Two
Pirates In The Caribbean, Desserts

Toy Story Dinner, Page One
Toy Story Dinner, Page Two
Toy Story Dinner, Kid’s Menu, Page One
Toy Story Dinner, Kid’s Menu, Page Two

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