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Disney Fantasy – New Shows

While onboard the Magical Preview Cruise of the Disney Fantasy® last weekend, we had a chance to see the two new production shows that will be performed weekly on the Disney Fantasy.  We also saw Disney’s Believe, which is on the Dream as well.  I skipped Disney’s Believe and opted to get additional questions answered for clients since I’ve already seen this show.

The first show that we saw was Disney’s Wishes.  This story is about three high school seniors who are about to graduate and go to Disneyland one last time as seniors.  One of the kids makes a wish about their future, which takes them all into another world with a variety of musical numbers. I was able to take pictures as they instructed us we could not use video or flash photography only.

After all the wishes were explored, the trio came back to Disneyland for the fireworks.  I liked the set designs which gave everything a 3D look.

The following day was their commencement and their Valedictorian made her speech.

I was happier with this show than I thought I would be.  My least favorite scene was the one that we saw at the Christening.

The next night we saw Disney’s Aladdin. I personally was not impressed by this show. I love the Aladdin show at Disneyland and was hoping this would be similar. There are some great special effects, but I don’t think all the kinks are worked out yet. I did not get photos of this production as we were told no photography.

I think there is potential for this to be a good show, but it has a long way to go. The jokes from the Genie fell flat. There were very few laughs from the crowd. The carpet was great when we saw a scene from this show on the Christening, but the actor playing him got hurt recently and was not in our show on the sailing.

The genie masks for the backups are somewhat creepy. The eyes are set back and the expression on the face is evil. This kind of reminded me of Snow Miser and Heat Miser’s dancing men (“The Year Without a Santa Clause”).

The part in the show I was most looking forward to was the flying carpet scene. This would have been much better had we not been able to see the mechanicals of how this worked.

I really hope Disney tweeks this one and maybe considers something different for the Genie backups.

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