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I get asked all the time which cruise line is the best or which is my favorite.  That question is not as easy as it sounds.  Which one has the best food, best customer service, best ships, best itineraries is a bit easier.  Over the last ten years, we have cruised on six different cruise lines, covering 11 different ships.  Additionally, I have toured one other cruise line and seven more ships.

I cannot say that my favorites will be your favorites.  There are somethings that are very personal.  I might find food bland while you might think it is the best ever.  That’s what makes us all individuals.  So I’ll preface these reviews by telling you a bit about myself.

I am a mid-40s married woman with no children.  My husband and I love lots of flavors in our food (I like to try to identify the herbs and spices used in certain dishes).  We enjoy pairing wine with food.  I also enjoy cooking as well.

Service is highly important to us.  I expect to be greeted when I approach an employee at and service related establishment, not just if I need something.  For example, when I pass a grocery store employee in the store, I appreciate them saying hello, even if it’s obvious I don’t need help finding something.  A simple “good morning” or “hello” when we are passing is not too much to ask (I’m not suggesting if they are busy with a job and we don’t make eye contact to drop what they are doing and greet me, but if we do make eye contact, a simple greeting shouldn’t be difficult.

Accommodations need to be clean and comfortable.  I don’t expect luxurious amenities.  Depending on my needs for a particular trip, it’s nice to have a complementary breakfast or parking, airport shuttle, etc. but other times, just having a clean room with a comfortable bed is enough.

Depending on the itinerary of a cruise, the cruise staff and their activities, the other entertainment and in general things to do while cruising will matter.  Some itineraries it is more important to have good food and accommodations because time onboard is limited and the ports of call are what really matter the most.

Over the next few weeks, I will be comparing different areas for different cruise lines and ships and giving my overall review of different aspects of the cruise/cruise line and how I would rank each line.  The lines included will be Royal Caribbean, Disney, Carnival, Norwegian and Celebrity.

Let us know if there is any areas you want to be included in the review.

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