I’m Dreaming of……… Zebra Domes

/I’m Dreaming of……… Zebra Domes

I’m Dreaming of……… Zebra Domes

There’s been a flurry of planning lately in my home – several trips and several weddings taking place, all within the span of one year.

Of course, my brain can’t focus on the nearest one (my own wedding at the end of September!) but instead keeps jumping forward to next February and our stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House.  The atmosphere at AKL is one of my favorite Disney things – the smells, sounds, sights, and tastes stay with you and make you long for more.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the Zebra Coffee Domes at Boma (a buffet) and Mara (a small food court).  What are Zebra Domes, you ask?  They are a thin layer of white cake (sponge?), a dome of Amarula Liqueur mousse, and coated in white chocolate ganache with a dark chocolate ganache drizzle.

Picture courtesy of Jennifer Nace
(You get 5 – she ate one!)

I love them.  I crave them.  And when I started writing this blog, I thought I’d never have them again, since I became allergic to wheat (and there’s a layer of CAKE in them!)  However, in doing some research, I found 2 documented incidents of a chef making GLUTEN FREE ZEBRA DOMES for someone!!!  I think I’ll contact Disney’s allergy department beforehand, just to make sure they have them available… I’d like them at Boma for breakfast one day… and maybe I’ll even ask for a room service delivery when we get there!  Put that fridge in the room to good use!

How many should I get? A dozen? 2 dozen?

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  1. Shelly September 19, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Oops maybe they do come in groups of 5. I just eat them so fast as they are my fave dessert. All the same never a single one is wasted.

  2. Shelly September 19, 2013 at 8:43 am

    Yes they can make Gluten free zebra domes. They make them for me all the time when I go. All you have to do is at Mara ot Boma ask for the chef and they will make you gluten free zebra domes. They sell them in groups of 4. Same price as reg zebra domes. I would usually get 4 of 8 so two containers. But Kidani is my home resort. So I had easy access.

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