I’m Letting My Travel Agent Take Care of That!

/I’m Letting My Travel Agent Take Care of That!

I’m Letting My Travel Agent Take Care of That!

We advertise that we are a full service agency.  I get the feeling sometimes that people don’t understand what that means completely.  What does full service mean to you?  Here’s what it means to me.

First of all, we don’t limit ourselves to booking only that which is the most profitable for us.  We are here to take care of you and what you are looking for.  We want this experience to be as complete and seamless as possible.  Sometimes, there just isn’t the perfect “package” available for you.  Instead of having you do all the work to put together a plan, we take care of that for you.  This is not limited either.  From your flights, car rentals, transfers and hotels to tickets, shows, dining and even hairdos, we will take care of all of your needs.

I had a client recently comment about the time she would need to be on the phone making a dining reservation for her preferred Candlelight Processional package.  I asked why she didn’t just ask me to do it.  In the end, it was a stress-free morning for her while I secured the reservation.

Some agents are only willing to do things for you that will bring in money.  To us it is more important that we take care of you completely.  That said, when there are things that you want us to do that don’t make money, we may need to charge you a service fee, but that would be disclosed from the start.  We recommend whatever is the best for you.

President Obama recently said that travel agents are becoming extinct, that people are booking everything online.  While this is true for some travelers, many still prefer to come to a travel agent, especially one who will give them the advice they are looking for and help solve any problems they have down the road.  This is also why I encourage my clients to also be my friends.  I chat with them on facebook, offer advice when asked and understand when you either want to or have to book your vacation another way.  Many people book their stays at Disney using DVC points.  That’s not something I am able to help with and I understand that.  I’m still available to those clients to help with the rest of their vacations, charging a service fee only when necessary.

There are some travel agencies out there that basically do one thing and one thing only.  I’m not saying these agencies are bad, I’m saying you need to know what you are getting from the agency you are using.

Finally, while many will look at a travel agent as a salesperson (and many travel agents are salespeople), I want you to look at me as more of an adviser or consultant.  I know travel as well as many tips and secrets that you might not.  If you know 100% of what you want for your vacation, in a sense I am just a salesperson, but anytime you have questions or need advice, I am more than just a salesperson.  I don’t want to sell you any vacation, I want to help you buy the perfect vacation for you.  My bottom line doesn’t come into play when I am working with you on what is right for you.  All of my agents subscribe to this philosophy as well.  We are here as a consultant more so than an agent.

How may we help you with your travel plans?

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  1. Diane August 22, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Uh oh – was I the “inspiration” for this entry? I always know you CAN help, but I hate to bother you for what might be considered a small request. This I do know – I rest much easier when you’ve made the arrangements – it’s nice to know you have an expert in your corner. Thanks for all you do!

    • travelonadream August 23, 2011 at 2:46 pm

      No Diane, it wasn’t you 🙂 I asked my husband what I should write about and he picked the topic. I also listened to a webinar that reinforced some of the things I said. My husband is always surprised at the variety of arrangements that we do and I just wanted everyone to know, in case they didn’t know. Thank you!

  2. travelagentrhonda August 22, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    Thank you, Tracy, for putting this all into words! Everything you said here is so true!

    I’ll add one more thing — as your agent, and friend, after you book your cruise or Disney vacation, we will continually watch for discounts and price drops that we can have applied to your reservation! Many times, by the time you hear about new discounts, they are already gone. But, we are usually on the phone immediately after a discount is released, getting it for you!


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