It Brings a Smile to Our Faces!

/It Brings a Smile to Our Faces!

It Brings a Smile to Our Faces!

There is one thing that I hear almost every day that makes me smile, and it doesn’t matter how many times I hear it.  The reaction is always the same.

What could possibly have that much meaning?  “I was referred by _______”.  It sounds so simple, yet means so much.  It tells me that the referrer was not just satisfied with the way we helped with their vacation, they felt the need to share this with other friends and family.

I had a friend ask me for advice on gratuities.  They had asked some other friends first and didn’t get the answer they wanted.  She was very pleased with our work on her travel plans and wanted to know if it was appropriate to give a travel agent a tip.  My response was that the biggest compliment to your travel agent can get is your referrals and continued business.  This can include online reviews as well as just telling your neighbor who to use.

Today, it seems like there are so many options for you in everything you do.  If you need a handyman for your house, you usually ask a friend or neighbor who they have used.  Why not do the same with a travel agent?

Our referral program has been very successful as this is something that we do track.  As a thank you for your referrals, we offer a future credit (in the form of a gift card or onboard credit).  This is based on what your friend or family member books with Travel On A Dream and is payable after they travel.  It is a small token, but a heartfelt thank you!  Just be sure they let us know that you referred them!  We know that the people you refer are your friends and family and we take care of them just like we take care of you for your travels.

Thank you for your referrals!  We look forward to more smiles over the next year when we hear your name from your friends and family.

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