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Memories for a Lifetime

I talk to many people all the time about how young is too young to take a child on that special vacation.  You know the one, not a trip to Grandmas (that that is very special in itself) or to go away for the weekend to a cabin.  We’re talking about a big trip!  That first trip to Walt Disney World!  A cruise!  While I think there is an age that is too young, it really depends on your kids.  I personally think that taking an infant on a cruise can be a lot of work, so for me it wouldn’t be my choice.  I would feel bad telling a two year old that is not potty trained that they cannot go in the pool.  It would break my heart.

I remember my first big trip – and it wasn’t to Disney World or on a cruise – it was to a cabin on a lake in Northern Wisconsin.  I remember the horses there and feeding them with my sister.  I was about 4 years old then.  I remember many of the trips we took as kids.  I know that some of the memories are due to the many photos taken, but some are genuinely my own.

Your kids will be very happy that you take then on big trips!  I just received an email from my client, Cathy, who’s 10 year old daughter had a creative writing assignment.  Cathy saw the assignment at open house just a couple weeks ago and said I could share it with you.

Dear Mom,

Do you remember our cruise last year?  I really want to go again!  I have three good reasons and they are awesome!  I knew you needed the convincing, so let’s start.

My first reason is that it is very fun and relaxing!  I loved how you got to have as much ice cream at the pools as you wanted!  I always got chocolate!  Ok, maybe that wasn’t a good idea to tell you about that.  It’s just that it was so much fun for me, and admit it, you even said you had a great time!

Here’s my second reason:  your money will be well spent.  Even though it might cost alot, it is going to a great thing!  Have you ever heard the commercials say:  It costs a lot, but for a great thing!  REmember the slide that goes on top of the pools?  You could see everybody!  And that time I found a hermit crab on the beach – I thought it was a seashell, but then it moved and out popped legs and a head!

And here’s my last reason:  it gave me memories that will last a lifetime.  When I grow up, I will be telling about it to my kids and taking them there also.  I will never, ever forget the time I went on there!



What Lauren doesn’t know is that she is going on another cruise!  Cathy has been secretly planning another trip for the family.

You know that it is more than the chocolate ice cream in unlimited supply on the pool deck that Lauren’s memories are built on.  Or the seashell that walked away.  It was the fun family environment.  Everyone had a great time on their cruise before and Cathy knew it.  These are memories that will, in fact, last a lifetime!

Walt Disney started Disneyland as a place for a daddy to take his two girls, for some good family fun that everyone in the family would enjoy.  Disney has continued this idea of Walt’s today with theme parks and now four cruise ships.  So what are you waiting for?  Plan your family vacation today!

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  1. Colleen March 25, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    You’re right, many of a child’s favorite memories are of family vacations! How lucky that little girl is to have mom who knows how important it is to spend the time creating these memories!

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