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Moray and Salt Pans

Today we started at 8:30 am after having breakfast with our incredible view of the Andes Mountains again. We would be heading to Moray and then off to see the salt pans.  Unfortunately, this morning started off with rain, which made it a bit unpleasant.  Many of our group walked down to the bottom of the Moray circles, but I opted not to do so.  After yesterday’s activities, I was feeling it.  We then made our way down to the salt pans.

The drive certainly tested our patience!  We had some interesting switchbacks where I swear we were right on the edge of the cliffs!  We finally got down to the salt pans.  The steps were very muddy from the rain and it was a bit treacherous.  When we got down to the level of the salt pans and got to see where the spring came in to feed the pans.  We also got a chance to taste the water coming out of the mountain spring.  Oh my was it very salty!  We gathered for a photo between two of the pans and then started our journey back up to the van.  If it hadn’t rained, we would have had an option of hiking much of the way back to the resort.  Instead we started up the mountain on basically a one lane road.

All of a sudden there was a car coming right towards us!  They had to back up until there was space to pass us and even then it was just by inches!  After breathing a sigh of relief, we got to the top of the mountain and made our way across to head back to the resort.  Another car was coming towards us so we slowed and moved over for them.  Only problem was it was very, very muddy!  As a result, we got stuck.  Luckily there were two vans with us and then put vegetation and rocks under our tires and we were finally on our way.

Once back at the resort we had another fabulous meal on the patio with entertainment again from the Peruvian dancers and horses this time.  We then had an optional trip to a pottery place in Urabamba where we met a famous potter.  More on this in future blogs when we get back.

We finished off the evening with a cooking demonstration and pizza making party, complete with some dancing.  This was a fabulous night again, but we needed to get to bed early as our buses will pick us up at 6:14 am for our trip to Machu Picchu!


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    WOW!!! Sounds like a Great Trip.

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