New Water Features on the Disney Fantasy

/New Water Features on the Disney Fantasy

New Water Features on the Disney Fantasy

Some differences between the Disney Dream® and her new sister Disney Fantasy® involve water areas onboard.  New additions include a family wading pool, Satellite Falls and the Aqua Lab.  While I was onboard, I was able to check these areas out and they will certainly be a welcomed addition to the Disney Fantasy.

The family wading pool is on deck 12, above Quiet Cove.  I’m not sure how this is going to work with children above Quiet Cove.  This area was very busy on our sailing, but mostly with sunbathers laying out.  Rarely did I see many people in the wading pool.

I really enjoyed the Satellite Falls pool area.  There is a considerable amount of loungers that are in the shade, but open area for those who wish to get sun. This is one deck 13 forward.  As I understand it, the entire deck 13 forward (with the exception of the Concierge Sun Deck) is for adults only.

The falls were not on when we were on our sailing.  There is a tile bench around the inside of the pool.  This is similar to the benches in the Rainforest Rooms, made of tile.  This pool is quite large, allowing space for a lot of people to enjoy the water while getting some sun.

I noticed there were more people on deck 13 than we have seen in the past.  I think this will be a very popular place and I look forward to spending much time there on my next Fantasy sailing.

I also took some pictures of Nemo’s Reef, just to refresh everyone’s memory about this splash area for children 8 and under to play.

The final new area is above Nemo’s Reef on deck 12, behind the end of the Aqua Duck.  This area provides fun for the whole family (please note, everyone using this area must be potty trained).

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  1. Susan March 28, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    The aqualab looks like fun! It’s similar to the play areas we have at our county parks here. Splashing, wet silliness!

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