Oh My Guide, We Survived!

/Oh My Guide, We Survived!

Oh My Guide, We Survived!

We were told early on by our guides that instead of saying “Oh My God” we should say “Oh My Guide” so that’s what it is today.  This morning, we went to breakfast with an amazing view of the Andes Mountains.  We had our buffet breakfast then got ready for today’s adventures.  We were going river rafting and to one of the area’s Incan ruins.

Today was very sunny and pleasant.  We had been expecting rain nearly every day so this was  a pleasant change.   Because this tour is during the rainy season, Disney typically does not offer this and we had to make slight modifications.  The Urubamba River is very high so the normal 2-3 class rapids are much higher.  We therefore were going a different route than normal.  This would be 1 class rapids which was quite alright for us.  We didn’t need to wear wetsuits which was also a bonus.  The sites on the river were amazing!  This was spectacular and absolutely magnificent.  We went down the river for about 1 ½ hours which was about 10 miles.

Afterward, we had a few snacks before getting in our bus to go to Ollantaytambo.  Here we had a fabulous buffet lunch with many chicken dishes, trout sushi, quinoa and cured alpaca meat.  It was much cooler up here than in the river.  After our fabulous lunch we went to the ruins at Ollantaytambo.  I am amazed at the heights we climbed and the things we experienced here.  Pictures will follow when I return from this trip but it was incredible!  My heart was racing, my thighs were burning and I really thought I would die but I made it to the top!  What was amazing about this trip is the few people that were at the ruins when we were.  As we were leaving, we looked up and saw 3-4 times more people at the site.  Disney certainly has planned this day well so we aren’t in a crowded place!

The hardest part of this day though was coming down the mountain side.  The steps were very uneven and at times very steep which made footing extremely critical.  Once we made it back we were told that tonight we would be on our own while the Junior Adventures had a movie night.  We started off the night with a couple cocktails in the bar.  This is something you have to be mindful of as alcohol affects you more when you are at higher altitudes!!

We got together with some new friends and had a fantastic dinner.  We were able to dine in the wine cellar!  The food was great and the conversations were equally as enjoyable.

Tonight we need to sleep well because tomorrow we will be visiting Moray and the salt mines!  This has truly been an incredible adventure so far.  I highly recommend visiting Peru and doing it with Adventures by Disney.

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