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Onboard Booking on Disney Cruise Line

Recently we have been hearing of changes to the onboard booking offer at Disney Cruise Line.  I had verified that a change took place, but what the new policy was exactly was not clear.  While onboard the Disney Fantasy this weekend, I went straight to the future cruise sales agents and got the scoop.

The onboard booking offer is still a 10% discount off prevailing rates, a stateroom credit based on the itinerary and reduced deposit of only 10%.  The offer is valid only on categories 4 – 11.  It is not valid for concierge categories, two night cruises, restricted categories or Disney Fantasy maiden voyages.  The reservation must be booked and deposit paid while onboard.  These restrictions have not changed.

Here is where the changes are.  Each household can book one date in the future, up to two cabins to receive the onboard booking offer.  In the past you could book the same number of rooms as the number of people in your cabin (if you had four in your room, you could book up to four rooms per date booked in the future).  Additionally, you can only book one future date to receive the onboard booking offer.  If you do want to book more cabins on the one date, you can do so and receive only the onboard credit offer (no discounts).

The only exception to the one date rule is for those booking back to back reservations.  If you want to book back to back, you can book more than one date and receive a discount on both dates.  Now don’t think this is a way around the rule.  If you ever change those reservations to no longer be a back to back reservation, you will lose the onboard offer on the second date.

I understand why there was a rule change.  Too many people were booking too many dates from many other people.  It’s disappointing when changes happen due to others abusing the system.  I just hope this doesn’t backfire though.  Many experienced cruisers like to have a “dummy date” or two available to get a discount on a Disney cruise in the future.  If you go onboard and have a future date that you want to book, you won’t also be able to book a “dummy date” for a future release.  Cruise lines want us to book early to guarantee the lowest prices.  Without having an extra “dummy date” available, I’m afraid people will wait longer to book their cruises until pricing comes down.

On the new form, you will be required to select a sail date, include your email address, category and dining preference.  You’ll also need to check if you want to use a travel agent (and include their name), vacation insurance, transfers and airfare.  Your onboard booking can be combined with Travel On A Dream’s loyalty program so be sure to check the box and add our name to your reservation request.

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  1. Laurie May 22, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Is there a limit on how many times you can change the date? I want to rebook onboard but won’t be taking another cruise for 2-3 years. Is it better to just wait and not worry about rebooking onboard. I know RCCL has future cruise certificates you can buy but I don’t think dcl does that .

    • travelonadream May 22, 2013 at 4:19 pm

      There currently is not a limited on the number of times you can change the date. I would recommend rebooking and moving the date out until you are ready to cruise. A discount and onboard credit are better than nothing!

  2. Papamouse1 April 14, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    So, you can book only one date, but you can still book just the one “dummy date” and move it later, correct? We usually just rebook one cruise each time, so the multiple issue is no biggie for us… but if you absolutely can’t move your stae without losing discount, thant would be a deal breaker for us

    • travelonadream April 14, 2012 at 5:44 pm

      Yes, you can move the date in the future. You just can’t split up reservations that are back to back. Sounds like you’ll be able to do what you’ve done in the past.

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