Peru Photos – Day 1

/Peru Photos – Day 1

Peru Photos – Day 1

At long last, I am adding some photos from our Adventures by Disney® trip to Peru!  I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with too many at once so I’ll add more each day.

View of the beach and Pacific Ocean as we were driving to our first hotel.  Our first day we just relaxed after a long day of flying.

At the airport in Cusco.  We’ve arrived at 11,200 feet!

Some Peruvians selling their goods on the street.  This was common in the Cusco and Sacred Valley areas.

We saw many “messages” on the mountain sides.  Some of these were political.  It’s interesting how they made these.

On our trip to the weaving demonstration and lunch.

The locals climb stairs all the time.  I still don’t understand how they do it every day!

Farming in Peru.

Beautiful scenery everywhere you looked!

The people were always so nice.

Town square in Chinchero

Some of the ladies we learned weaving with.

An amazing lunch.  We started off with some potato chips, of course!

A few more dishes and some of our fellow Adventurers.

What the hail!?!  While waiting for the weaving demonstration, the rain changed to hail!

It was interesting to see how the ladies weaved using very ancient techniques and tools.  The finished products were so beautiful!

We learned how the wool was spun and then colored using all natural products and then ultimately made into products.  I purchased a couple hats there but had I had the room, there would have been many more textiles going home with me!

More views of the land as we traveled to our hotel.

Me and one of our guides, Chris.

Looking into the Sacred Valley and the Urabamba River.

A glacier up in the mountains!

Our hotel for the next four nights.

As I referred to it — Casita Sweet Casita!

One of the many, many hummingbirds we saw at this hotel.

Our view from the front porch.

The bar at Wayra.

Just before dinner, we had an amazing performance.  Notice the dancers with stilts!  Truly incredible.

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    Nice photos Tracy. Thanks!

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    Incredible. I would have left my clothes to have rom to bring back some of those woven goods !!

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    Beautiful! Thanks

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    This is a wonderful potrayal – Nice job !!

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