Peru Photos – Day Four

/Peru Photos – Day Four

Peru Photos – Day Four

We continue our photo blog of pictures from my Adventures by Disney trip to Peru.  This morning we woke up to rain.  We had some sprinkles before this and the rain and hail while at the weaving demonstration.  We received a magical surprise this morning. Rain ponchos for all!  This would come in handy.

We were to go to Moray to see the concentric circles.  When we arrived there, we were the first buses to arrive.  We walked down to the first platform and then had to make a decision — proceed further down to the bottom of the circles or return to the bus.  It was still raining and there was a lot of mud.  I was worried not only about footing going down but also that we would have to climb back up.  Unfortunately, I chose to go back to the bus.  After seeing all the muddy and tired folks coming back, I was glad I did.

Note the rock ledges in the walls.  These were the stairs to get from one level to the next.  Behind the parking lot was a field with horses and cows so of course I had to get some shots!

The Urabamba River as seen from above as we descended to the salt pans.  This was an area where they took the water from an underground spring.  The spring fed the pans where it was allowed to evaporate and the locals then collected the salt.

From up above, they all look very small.  Little did we know how big these were and how many there were.  We were told there were thousands of pans down there!

Me and Ernesto, just before we went down to the pans.

Harvey explaining how it all worked.

Where the spring came out of the mountains.

Close up of one of the pans.

Some of the salt crystals on the edge of the pans.

Adventure Guide Chris taking our group photo.

Our group – that’s me in the front on the far right.

Close quarters!!

We let a car pass us on the road and it was very muddy.  When we tried to get going again, we were stuck!  The guys in the other two buses got out and looked for things to give our bus some traction.  Finally after adding some greenery, rocks and pushing, we were free!

At least we were treated to a nice view!

During lunch we had a demonstration of the horses at the resort.

In the afternoon we went to Seminaro to tour the pottery facility.  We also met some of the animals there.

We watched as they made some of the pottery.  Here they were making cups and plates.

We saw the kiln that is used to fire the pieces, usually twice.

Here they were preparing the clay to make formed pieces, like the bottoms of the mugs.  The worker was getting the bubbles out of the piece of clay before cutting out the discs.

Some of the finished products.

Pieces in the gardens.

We watched as glaze was applied to plates and handles put on coffee mugs.

I found a frog or two at the workshop as well!

And a Spanish speaking bird.  Hola!

Our biggest treat was visiting the workshop of Pedro Seminario.  He even came in and talked to us (which we have been told is a Disney exclusive!)

Found more frogs again!

And a hidden Mickey!

I told Pedro about my love of frogs and toads and he took me around the place to see other frogs that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

These last two are artifacts kept under glass.  The first is a pitcher of sorts in the middle and the bottom one is a mold (bottom left) for a frog.

Of course we had time to shop and I found a lovely piece with the Incan cross for my office.


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