Peru Photos – Day Six

/Peru Photos – Day Six

Peru Photos – Day Six

Today is the last day of our photo blog through Peru.  We hope you have enjoyed it.  We left the Sacred Valley to return to Cusco.  On the way though we had a couple stops.  The first is the Pisac Market.  The views on the way were great as usual.

Once we arrived at the market and continuing in Cusco, we saw many little girls all dressed up.  If you wanted to take their picture, they expected you to pay for the picture.

After purchasing our goods, we were off to our next stop – a llama and alpaca farm!

First we met and fed the alpacas.

Not long after this photo, Frank needed to duck as his alpaca friend spit!

Next we moved on to the llamas.  You can tell the difference between the llamas and alpacas based on their faces.  If their face resembles a sheep, they are an alpaca.  If their face resembles a camel, they are a llama.

Up on the hill is a vicuna.

We were allowed to shop for a while for goods made from the animals.  The vicuna scarf was beautiful, but the four figure price was not!  After our shopping, we made our way over the mountain to the Cusco valley.

Statue of Jesus Christ which is lit up at night and can be seen throughout Cusco.

We drove by Saqsayhuaman which we would visit the next day.

We arrived in Cusco and had lunch.  Here we tried a few new things and really enjoyed them.  I tried the lamb stew which was very good.  There was also a rice pudding with a purple corn sauce that was good as well.  After lunch, we toured the city square before walking to our hotel.  There are more than 300 Catholic churches in Cusco!  We would see just a few on our walk.


The streets in Cusco are very narrow.

I loved the doors that we saw on the way!

Water channels run through the sidewalks.

The church outside of our hotel at night was very pretty.

Our last ruin toured would be Saqsaywaman.

Gives you some perspective of the size!

A puma paw!

We heard about a prayer ritual that the tribes perform when they come to this area.

Cusco from above.

You can see the lightening bolt shape of the ruin in this picture.

Next we went through a labyrinth.  Some of the passages were pretty tight.

There is a seat in the middle of the next picture.

It is believed that the seat faced this etching on the stone of a llama.

This picture is intentionally sideways.  The opening resembles a llama head.

The altar inside.

Our guides at the farewell dinner.

On our last day, we went to Lima for lunch and a city tour.

We would have lunch in Casa de Aliaga.  It is rumored that this mansion may be haunted!  We had another great meal here.  This is the oldest residence in Lima dating back 16 generations.

Here are some of the oldest painted tiles in Peru.

A hidden Mickey!

This was the person who made this tour possible.  Thank you Clinton!

The Presidential Palace.

Thank you for joining us on our Adventures by Disney® trip to Peru.  For more information on this or any Adventures by Disney vacation, please contact your agent at Travel On A Dream or check out our website.  There are some great incentives to plan your Adventures by Disney vacation today!

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