Peru Photos – Day Two

/Peru Photos – Day Two

Peru Photos – Day Two

I should start out today saying the days noted are not the actual day one, day two, etc.  Today is day two of photos.  Over the course of the 8 day journey, I took just under 3000 photos.  Some weren’t so good, but a lot of them are great pictorials.

On to today’s photos!

Here are our chariots for the week (as our guide Ernesto called them).

Our view of the mountains this morning.  Hard to believe it is the rainy season here in Peru!

Jen looking lovely before the “burn”.  We all found out how important sunscreen and reapplication is when you are that high in the mountains and that close to the equator.

Helmets came with an itch hole built in!

Our guide Jose.

One of many pictures of the bottom of our raft.

Our tour down the Urubamba River was different than for most tours because the water was so high.  In later pictures when we head to Machu Picchu we saw why we did this part of the river.  Definitely a wise decision even though our ride didn’t have many rapids.

Our great group of rafters.

Tracy Gallagher’s raft.

After rafting we were offered some snacks.  At first we thought this would be our lunch location, but it was just a place to sit, relax, have some food & drink, then continue on to lunch.

Lunch and the afternoon would be in Ollantaytambo.  This town was also where we would get the train to Machu Picchu.  It was a cute town and Sol Y Luna would be catering our lunch so we knew the food would be great.

Some of the steps up to where we had lunch.  Here we met a couple street vendors who would find us each day.  He introduced himself as Kevin Costner.  His friend was Brittany Spears.  I have to admit, his marketing tactics were great.  He always said hello and was very friendly, reminding us he was Kevin Costner.  He even gave some of us free trinkets, which prompted others to take a closer look at the jewelry he was selling.  Many bought pieces because Kevin was so nice to us all.

No, these weren’t family pets.  Think of the live lobster tanks where you pick your own.

One of the many beautiful flowers we saw.

After lunch we would tackle our first ruins.  We would climb to the top and then over to the right side (out of the picture) and down.  This would be the hardest climb of the whole trip.  More photos from Ollantaytambo tomorrow!  Notice how there is only part of our group here but no one else.  With Adventures by Disney, we were able to come to the site before the official opening time and get a head start.  You can’t put a price on that!

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    No………..pick your own?!!!!!

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