Ready, Set, SNOW?!

/Ready, Set, SNOW?!

Ready, Set, SNOW?!

When the date for my Adventures by Disney® trip to Peru was set for mid-January, a very good friend of mine said “What are you, nuts?!?”  After explaining that I didn’t have any choice in the dates or schedule, which included flying through NYC, she understood, but I think she still thinks I’m crazy.

So as is my usual trip ritual, I started watching the weather last week for what to expect tomorrow.  Things didn’t look so bad until a couple days ago.  Today it is predicted that we will have 4-7 inches of fresh snow today.  The weatherman said it will be a light fluffy snow so it will be easy to shovel.  Hopefully, this system will move out quickly so things can get cleared up at the airport for my early morning flight tomorrow.

My flight connects through Detroit and things look good there, but then I end up in New York City.  Checking their forecast this morning, there is now a Winter Weather Advisory for the city.  They are expecting 2-4 inches of snow between late tonight and early afternoon tomorrow.  Ok, the stress is setting in as I hear “What are you, nuts?!?” in my mind.

The packing is almost completed.  I think I have too much stuff packed, but the weather in Peru has me unsure.  Up in Cusco they are reporting daytime highs in the mid-sixties and nights in the upper 40s, but we will be down from there.  I’ve seen some reports that say it can be about 10 degrees warmer so short-sleeves and a sweatshirt should be fine during the day, except that it will be rainy.

Last minute preparations to be gone are being done, honey-do list for my husband staying behind is done, and I’m almost ready to go!  Next week I will be blogging from the southern hemisphere!

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