Reimagined Disney Magic – Part I

/Reimagined Disney Magic – Part I

Reimagined Disney Magic – Part I

We just returned home from our two night preview cruise on the Disney Magic following her six week dry dock (which became seven).  Before I start my review, I will disclose that I did not pay full fare for our cruise, we were part of the travel agents and media that were invited to sail on the Disney Magic for this two-night sailing.  The opinions however are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Disney Magic at Port Canaveral

On our way to Miami, we stopped in Port Canaveral to see the Magic as she continued to be refurbished.  On Friday morning, I woke up at 4:55 am and looked out the window.  In the distance I saw her coming into the channel to the port.





We were very excited to get onboard, but realized that with the cancellation of the October 20 sailing, instead of having a week onboard, we were down to less than 48 hours.  We got to the port before boarding started and were ready to go!  In Miami you enter on deck 4 rather than deck 3.  This was not quite as impressive and grand as entering on deck 3, but at least we were onboard.

The Atrium was brighter than I had remembered.  I really liked the new color scheme.





We went to D Lounge (Studio Sea) first to fix our Palo reservation.  D Lounge is much more open than Studio Sea was and immediately felt more comfortable.  This area will be a great location for many of the family activities.




After we were set for dinner in Palo, we were off to the aft elevators, passing through the new Shutters.  The system used on the Disney Dream and Fantasy is now being used on the Magic as well.  There are several kiosks where you can view and order prints as well.

Carpet in many of the public areas was replaced.  The print at the elevators was different than before with some richer colors.




We went up to Deck 9 for a first look at Cabanas.  I have to say this is the most significant change in my opinion of the reimagined Disney Magic.




These murals are wood carvings, depicting various scenes from Finding Nemo in a variety of shades of wood.

The flow of this restaurant is much like that on the Dream and Fantasy.  Instead of two doors going out to the deck in back, there is one in the middle, which gives more seating space.  The back of the ship was extended which increased the area inside of Cabanas.  There are two staircases going up to Deck 10, which had some additional seating and a much wider deck behind Palo.

We’ll end Part 1 here and bring you more information in future blogs about the staterooms, kids clubs, adult district and more!

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