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Reimagined Disney Magic Part II

Here is Part II of our quick cruise on the Disney Magic.  For Part I, please click here.  I will be adding in pictures later.

It was now time to check out our room.  First we noticed the new carpet and then the bed, which is the same as those on the Dream and Fantasy.  While I understand that many people would like to see beds that still split, personally, I find the new beds more comfortable and am happy with this decision.

The sofa beds were all replaced as well with the same style as on the Dream and Fantasy.  The tables were all new, but looked similar to the old ones in design, though were a darker wood.  They do not raise like the old ones did however.  The stools at the desk were different, more of a “mushroom” like stool instead of a “crescent moon”.  There are more outlets available as well as with the addition of the new hairdriers, they needed a 220V outlet by the desk.  While there aren’t a lot of outlets available in the cabin, before there was one or two and now there are four.

In the rooms that had steamer trunks there is now a cabinet in its place.  This is much nicer as it doesn’t stick out into the room and there are a couple drawers and shelves.  I always felt with the steamer trunk that I was piling stuff up in there to get the most use.

I understand that the connecting rooms and two new ADA rooms were completed during the reimagination.  It also appears that the cabin doors (both to the hall and bathrooms) have either been replaced, repainted or resurfaced.

Dinner tonight would be in the new Animators Palate.  The menu was very similar to the one on the Disney Dream and Fantasy.  We only ordered an appetizer and split an entree as we would be at Palo later in the evening.

The show in Animator’s Palate is the same concept as before but significantly upgraded.  Called “Drawn to Magic”, this show shows the progression of animation from the line drawings, to color videos.  There are lighting upgrades, new drawings and new walls.  Everything was amazing!

After dinner, we changed for Palo and went up.  The major changes we noticed here were the flooring, lighting and poles.  The entryway marble floor is gorgeous!  I’m not as thrilled with the carpet or the ribbon of light on the ceiling.  They don’t seem as elegant as the rest of the restaurant.  The shot glasses used for the sgroppino are all Murano glass and very pretty.  It would have been nice to continue the black and tan color scheme throughout the restaurant instead of introducing so many colors in the carpet and lighting.  The food was excellent as usual though.  On the menu, there was now a six course option with wine pairings to give you more of a Remy-like experience.

We didn’t make it for most of the pirate party, but did arrive in time for the fireworks which were the same as before.  After the party we went to After Hours (Beat Street) and Fathoms (Rockin’ Bar D) for Match Your Mate.  They have added new benches for the couples which make it look like more of a show.

Fathoms definitely has a more club feel to it.  The lighting is fun to watch as the jellyfish change colors like the water seems to under the sea.  Other than this, the room is identical in layout.  I am not a club person so this is the one room that I felt indifferent about the changes.

After the show, we checked out Keys (Sessions).  This was an unusual sailing with so many groups of people so the nightclubs were filled with larger groups.  This also meant the noise level was much higher.  In Keys, there was a pianist, but it was more like background noise because no one was listening to her, they were too busy talking in their groups.  I can imagine though on a regular sailing that this will be a great place to go for a quiet atmosphere.

We also had an opportunity to check out O’Gills.  I really liked this on the Fantasy.  I also really liked Diversions on the classic ships.  O’Gills was not like it is on the Fantasy, other than decor, but I still really enjoyed this place.  They still had the comfortable chairs but also had some high tables with stools and the booths are more private now.

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