Removing the Mystery – Port Canaveral

/Removing the Mystery – Port Canaveral

Removing the Mystery – Port Canaveral

Editor’s Note:  Part 2 of our Removing the Mystery is brought to you from our agent, Jon Fair.  Jon takes away the questions about what happens when you arrive in Orlando for your Disney Cruise and takes you through the check in process at the port.  For any questions or to book your next vacation, please contact  Thanks Jon!

Going on a first Disney cruise, or a fifth or fiftieth is exciting! Packing all your things, planning on getting to the cruise terminal etc. are some of the smaller details that can give you headaches if you don’t anticipate them. I have the fortuitous opportunity to live minutes away from Port Canaveral. If I can share anything that I have learned, please allow me to digress.

  1. If you’re flying in before your cruise please I would highly recommend Disney Transportation. The hassle of moving your suitcases while minding your cranky children after traveling will make you want to pull your hair out. Save yourself some aggravation and let Disney do it for you.  Put your luggage tags on before you leave home and skip baggage claim completely if you have Disney transfers booked.  Besides you can sit back and enjoy more a relaxing time with your family this way.
  2. Have your bags labeled already. You will get your baggage tags in the mail about two weeks to a month from when you set sail, don’t lose them, and have them on your bags when you arrive at the terminal.
  3. You will be going through security screening again. I know you just flew from Minneapolis St. Paul to Orlando International this morning and you haven’t gone on the America’s Most Wanted list. You are still going through security again. Make your life easier by being prepared for this. Have your electronics easily accessible. Take off your watches, pull your cell phones out of your pockets, etc. Be ready to waltz through the TSA screening point, and your cruise will start out with a breeze.  Any alcohol you are bringing aboard should be in your carry-on luggage.
  4. When you are checking in at the Terminal have your passports/ID’s out and ready along with all the documents that you were supposed to pre-sign. It can significantly reduce your wait time, and if you are lucky you can board the ship when you’re ready.

I hope this helps take some stress away from your vacation. Be sure to stretch because now you can do the “I’m on vacation” dance!!!!

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