RunDisney Updates, Rumors and Goings On

/RunDisney Updates, Rumors and Goings On

RunDisney Updates, Rumors and Goings On

It’s National Running Day in the USA, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to make sure you are up to date on some of the happenings with runDisney.

Disneyland Half Marathon, Disneyland 10K, Dumbo Double Dare, Disneyland 5K

Last week, the course for the Disneyland 10K was certified by the USA Track & Field Road Running Technical Council. For this certification, a course map needs to be submitted showing the route so it may be measured to prove the correct distance. Thanks to the internet and public record, here is the map for the Disneyland 10K.


Tower of Terror 10 Miler, Mickey Halloween 5K Trail Run

The ToT 10 Miler is sold out, but there are still many entries available for the 5K Trail Run. Tower of Terror 10 Miler race entries may be found through charity groups. These usually require a fund raising minimum in lieu of an entrance fee.

Wine & Dine Half Marathon, Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5K

The Wine & Dine Half Marathon sold out in record time this year. There are still many entries available for the Jingle Jungle 5K though. Wine & Dine Half Marathon race entries may be found through charity groups. These usually require a fund raising minimum in lieu of an entrance fee.

Princess Half Marathon, Disney Enchanted 10K, Glass Slipper Challenge, Cinderella Royal Family 5K

Starting Thursday, June 6, advanced registration opens for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend festivities for DVC owners and WDW Annual Passholders. Registration for the general public will start on Tuesday, June 11. Due to an overwhelming amount of negative criticism, runDisney is altering some things from the 2013 race in order to make it a more magical race for all participants:

  • The number of early registrants will be limited.
  • This year, they will not increase, (most likely reduce) the number of participants.
  • There will be more corrals with fewer runners in each corral.
  • There will be stricter pacing requirements (I anticipate seeing this at all future runDisney events) where a participant will need to provide proof of time for an estimated finish time faster than 3:15.
  • The Health and Fitness Expo will once again be at the Wide World of Sports as there won’t be a scheduling conflict with the Atlanta Braves spring training schedule.

The Glass Slipper Challenge looks to a hot item for the 2014 Princess Half Marathon Weekend. This race is very similar in structure to the Dumbo Double Dare being held at Disneyland this year. It will consist of the Enchanted 10K race on Saturday morning and the Half Marathon on Sunday morning. Completing both of this and being registered for the Glass Slipper Challenge will earn you a special Glass Slipper Medal in addition to your 10K & Half Marathon medals. The Princess Half Marathon and the Glass Slipper Challenge have individual as well as two person team entries.

2014 Coast to Coast Medals

According to the special announcements made during Disney’s Monsterous Summer press briefing, there will be a special Coast to Coast Medal offered to participants who complete the Princess Half Marathon and the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. It is pink and purple instead of the black and blue of the standard Coast to Coast medal which can be earned from completing at least one runDisney event of half marathon length or greater at both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. What surprises me is this verbiage found on the runDisney site:

“Also in 2014, participants who complete the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, Disney Princess Half Marathon, and another eligible pair of Disneyland Resort & Walt Disney World Resort races will be eligible to receive the original Coast to Coast Race Challenge medal in addition to the pink version of the medal.”

ImageSo if you do both the half marathons at Disneyland, the Princess and another at Walt Disney World, you can have two Coast to Coast medals for one year. This is a huge win for the folks who love to run as many runDisney races as possible and/or are addicted to the bling.

Tinkerbell 10K rumors and speculation

There has been a lot of buzz on the internet community about a 10K being added to the Tinkerbell Half weekend. And given the distances popularity over Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and its anticipated quick sell out for the upcoming Princess Half Marathon Weekend, I would say that runDisney is going to try to incorporate this if it is within their capabilities. I would have to say as a side note, that in searching through, as I did before the Dopey was officially announced, there is a registration chart with a 10K option for that weekend. An announcement for this race or race combo (10K & Half) would be made in the middle of June.

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