Yesterday we would visit the last ruins for the trip.  These ruins were different than some of the others that we have seen as they weren’t as high up.  One of the most interesting parts of this ruin was the lightning bolt shape of the edge of the ruin.  The boulders used were massive.  Our local guide Harvey told us different theories of how the ruin came to be and we could imagine how the Incans did it.  We climbed to the top of Saqsayhuaman and were offered an amazing view of the city of Cusco with the surrounding Andean Mountain range.

Our tour then took us over to a labyrinth where we saw some carvings in the rock and some caves as well.  Some of our group then chose to walk back to town, only about a 25 minute walk, but very steep.  Others, including myself choose to just go back to the hotel.  Not long after we got back, the rest of the group arrived.  Driving around Cusco takes nearly as much time as it does to walk.

The rest of the afternoon would be on our own so a few of us headed over to an Italian restaurant for pizza.  Some also toured the city a bit more and others did some shopping.  It was nice to have some free time just to relax for a bit.

The travel agents had an optional meeting before dinner to give some feedback.  After that, we joined everyone in the restaurant for our last dinner in Cusco.  We had a great time and said goodbye to our local guide.  He stayed on an extra day because one of the Adventure Guides was still not 100%.  We played a game, which I will save for a surprise to those who will do this Adventures by Disney tour in the future.

Today we awoke to a rain shower in Cusco.  Looking back over the trip, we really did not experience that much rain and have had some gorgeous days.  We will fly back to Lima this morning, have lunch in a mansion and then get ready for our flight home late tonight.

More summaries and photos of this amazing adventure to come once I get home.

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