Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 2, Part 2

/Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 2, Part 2

Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 2, Part 2

We check the GPS on the phone for walking directions to Pike’s Market, the location of which all I could tell you at that point was “inland”.  It appeared to be about 2-4 blocks inland.  I see a sign across the street announcing “This Way to Pike’s!”

We cross the street and are met by this:

You want me to CLIMB THAT???

I counted 79 steps before we got to an elevator for the last 3 flights! That’s also where Ethan unfortunately drops his camera and bends the metal lens frame. I will now repeatedly hear “Take a picture of that.” for the rest of the trip. I’m sorry he broke it, it took beautiful pictures. I was grateful it just fell on the landing and did not bounce back down the 79 steps.

Using our “Find Me Gluten Free” app, we head towards a place called Bacco that has gotten very good reviews. Even though today is the coolest, cloudiest day of our trip, we choose to sit outside on their little fenced off patio. They didn’t have a GF menu, but basically by leaving off the bread items, most of the menu was safe.

It took forever for our food to come… our guess is, despite her saying otherwise, our waitress forgot to put our order in… she did try to give us menus a second time, however… Apparently, putting your sweater on can cause some people to think you’re a new table! It took 40 minutes to get our food.

Crab Omlette

Salmon Hash (or, as I call it, fish-mosh!)

After a long lunch, we finally make it back to Pike’s Market.

First stop was at a bakery stall that had GF choices – I got a cookie and Ethan got a brownie. I have no pictures of the market – honestly, it was crowded, dirty, and just not fun for either of us. We saw the fish throwers, but no fish were thrown. We went to the 1st Starbucks – looked just like a Starbucks! Maybe it was partly the time change and the poor night’s sleep in a new place, but we were both pretty done for the day.

We made our way back to the car, stopping at an Information Booth to ask the best way to get back down to the Aquarium. Turns out, there’s an elevator in the parking garage right next to the start of the stairs we took! That would have been so much easier!!!

In the car, Ethan asks if I want to do our 2nd Space Needle visit, since we only have today to do that. “Nope, I’m good.” And exhausted. So is he.

Dinner was at a restaurant back in Tacoma near the Howard Johnson’s. It was called Elmer’s. (Yes, we found it on the GF app)

We have learned to ask at the podium if the restaurant has a gluten free menu. Most places only have a few sheets of paper stapled together listing what’s safe for people with food allergies. Elmer’s had an actual full color menu for food allergies!

It’s an early night for us – tomorrow, we’re finding a beach and going to the wedding rehearsal dinner!

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    Nice report Jaime. Must use “mosh” to detail my next portion of hash. 🙂

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