Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 4, Part 2

/Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 4, Part 2

Seattle, City Pass, Gluten Free, and a Little Wedding, Day 4, Part 2

I’m now going to ask for your forgiveness and patience, as this post has nothing to do with travel really, but is all about my daughter’s wedding. Of course, if you love weddings, then there’s nothing to forgive, is there? Sit back and enjoy!

My oldest daughter, Stephani, was marrying David. Their wedding party included my youngest daughter, Meghan. The bridesmaids dresses were short, black cocktail dresses, which each girl could accessorize as she wished, staying with the wedding colors of red and black. All of the girls chose red shoes! The most elaborate of which, worn by Meghan, almost deserve their own blog…

My precious…

They’re gorgeous! Not only could Meg walk normally in them, she was dancing in them for half the reception!

It was a very nice ceremony and I managed not to cry! After the ceremony, we all trooped into the other conference room, which was set up with tables and a dance floor. In lieu of a traditional guest book, there were squares of fabric to sign – David’s mother was going to make a wedding quilt for them.

Dinner was several shapes of pasta and several sauces (alfredo, marinara, meat) and several kinds of meat (I remember sausage and chicken). A few weeks before the wedding, I asked Stephani to ask her caterer about gluten free options for Ethan and I. It was all set up – we’d have GF pasta! However, had my allergy been severe, it could have been a complete disaster! There were over 100 people at this wedding… the food was announced and most of the tables got up to get in line. I asked a family member, who lives in Seattle, if they knew who the caterer was, so I could go ask about our GF food. I was told it was on the buffet table.


The caterer put the GF pasta (a small amount, since it was just for 2 people) on the same buffet table as everything else. The buffet lines went on both sides of the table – the GF pasta was only tagged on the one side of the table. Plus the house and Caesar salads both had croutons in them. Someone with a food allergy cannot simply “pick out” the offending item, the salads were off limits to me. Again, my allergy is minor. I would not have ended up in a hospital by eating the salad, but because staying away from wheat keeps me symptom free, I really try to avoid it at all costs. But people with worse allergies might not have been able to eat that food because they didn’t know the level of contamination. (Please keep this in mind the next time you are at a buffet – spoon missing from the carrots? DO NOT USE ONE OF THE OTHER DISHES’ SPOONS!!!)

Ethan and I rush up to the buffet and find one of the caterer’s people standing nearby. I ask about the GF pasta. He smiles and points to it on the table. He tells me all of the sauces and meats are also GF. I’m like “great” and then explain the situation – I have to get in the back of this line and by then that pasta will be completely contaminated! He understands immediately and says we’re going to cut us in line. We go to the front of the line, and before I can open my mouth, a woman about 3 people back says “Is there a line for this food?”

I apologize and explain the situation and cut in front of the 80-90 people in line. We get our pasta, sauce, and meat and head back to the table. I announce to my family that I now look like the biggest jerk in the room. But I am vindicated when Ethan finishes his food and goes back up to look at the table again – the GF pasta is COMPLETELY contaminated – there are all kinds of pasta in that container! Had we waited in the actual line, it would have been too late. I have a call in to the caterer to politely explain the situation.

That said, the GF pasta was fantastic!!! Far better than GF pizza from last night! But a crouton free salad would have been really appreciated.

After dinner, the dancing started.

My girls!

Groom singing with his back up dancers

It was a really nice wedding – we had a great time. I will wake up with sore legs (from all the line dances) and a sore neck (from dancing with my 6’5″ fiancé).

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