ToaD is Running for Rescues On Disney Fantasy?

/ToaD is Running for Rescues On Disney Fantasy?

ToaD is Running for Rescues On Disney Fantasy?

Yes, that’s right!  On our recent Disney Fantasy sailing, we had originally planned to do the 5k on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.  As we approached the cruise date, we realized that we would be getting to Castaway Cay a bit later than would be comfortable for walking or running.  We wanted to start the race a bit earlier.  That way we would also be able to enjoy our full day on Castaway Cay.

Now we knew that 2 1/2 laps around the Promenade Deck of the Disney Fantasy would be 1 mile, so we needed to walk/run approximately 7 1/2 to 8 laps for our 5k.  There was one hurdle however.  Most of our participants wanted to participate in the Castaway Cay 5k.  Since we had quite a few people who were doing this, we went to Disney to inquire about having our 5k on the ship, yet still qualify to get the bibs and medals.  Disney agreed and we were set!

When we got onboard, we set up having a water station around deck 4 so our participants wouldn’t get dehydrated.  Everything was set.  Until Wednesday night.  Just before dinner on Wednesday, Captain Tom announced that we would not be going to Castaway Cay, we would instead be having a day at sea while we tried to avoid Hurricane Sandy.  We should still be all set, provided nothing else changed with the weather.

Unfortunately, Thursday night, we realized that things were in fact changing.  The promenade deck was closed.  It was too wet and windy out there and for safety DCL closed the decks.  We did see people out there but agreed it was not going to be safe for us to do a 5k out there.  So now what will be do?

Simple!  We’ll walk inside!  One of our participants had a pedometer and we set a course.  We would walk from the Walt Disney Theater on deck 4 down the port side, through Shutters, down to Europa, through La Piazza, down the hall that reminds us of Barcelona toward the Tube, were we went downstairs to deck 3.  On Deck 3 we walked past Animators Palate, past Royal Court, cut through the Atrium then down the starboard side past the shops and up the stairs.  Once we completed a lap, our lap counters determined it would take 10 laps to make the 5k and we all continued.

After a couple laps, a beverage server with bottled water was positioned outside of the Tube to hand us waters as needed when we passed by.  When we walked by the Royal Court and Guest Services, crew members cheered us on!  It certainly made the 10 laps go quickly.

We finished the 5k in the Atrium to cheers from our fellow participants, lap counters, cheerleaders and cruise staff.  After receiving our medals, we all posed for a picture in front of Mademoiselle Minnie.  Even Jodi, the founder of Running for Rescues, was able to walk with us, though in flat form!

In addition to the 5k, we also offered group dinners in Disney’s specialty restaurants Remy and Palo.  Travel On A Dream paid the service fees for the participants and each of them bid to be in the room.  Here are photos of those groups.

Great dinners and great company were the themes for both of these nights.  Good times for a good cause.  I am pleased to report that our cruisers raised and/or donated a grand total of $3217 for Running for Rescues!

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    I love how you all found a way to have your 5K!

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