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ToaD Meet in NYC

As we count down the days to my incredible Adventures by Disney trip to Peru, I thought today would be a good day to let you all know about my day of adventure in New York City on the way to Peru!

I don’t like to call it too close, I prefer to be early.  I also don’t like traveling in the winter.  I am always cautious about snow and weather delays.  So when I was told I would need to get myself to New York City in January to catch my flight to Lima, Peru, I started to panic.  Should I fly in a day early?  My flight to Peru is at 11:20 pm though.  Do I really need a whole extra day to make sure I get there on time?

I decided I better fly direct if possible.  Here’s where the problems started.  I could get a direct flight into LaGuardia or Newark, but I needed to go to JFK.  Finally, I decided I could take a connecting flight, just giving myself enough time.  I booked my flight for approximately noon with a connection in Detroit, arriving in NYC around 5 pm.  Yes, a bit of a wait for the Lima flight, but if anything went wrong, there was another connection that would get me in at 7:30 so I felt ok with this.

Then the unexpected happened.  My connection was canceled and I was moved to the later flight.  This meant if there were any problems, I would miss my flight to Lima.  I just didn’t feel comfortable.  So I selected new flights, leaving home around 6:30 am!  This gets me in to NYC around noon.  Now what do I do with an 11 1/2 hour layover?  I called on my friends and set up a quick meeting in NYC!

The plan is to meet on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm at the Disney Store in Times Square.  Since I have never been to Manhattan, this will be a treat for me.  Even more of a treat since I will be seeing friends – old and new!  This made watching Dick Clark’s show on New Year’s Eve more exciting, though I must admit, I saw the Disney Store a couple times in shots, but still have no clue what to expect.

Are you interested in joining us? Please email me at and let me know you’ll be there! Can’t wait to see everyone!

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