What Does Valentines Day Mean To You?

/What Does Valentines Day Mean To You?

What Does Valentines Day Mean To You?

I woke up this morning and said “Happy Valentines Day” to my husband.  He left for work, like he does every work day.  This afternoon, he’ll be home and we’ll have dinner, watch some TV then go to bed to get ready for another day.

I posted “Happy Valentines Day” on Facebook and the response was “only the card companies celebrate Valentines Day!!!”.  With further clarification, she said that you shouldn’t just celebrate your love one day a year.

I agree that most holidays have become too commercialized.  I don’t want candy, flowers or jewelry.  I also don’t want to go out for a special dinner in the winter on a day when everyone else is trying to go out to celebrate.

As with most gift-giving holidays, my husband and I have abandoned giving gifts to just enjoying eachother’s company then planning something else.  It might be a major purchase or a trip somewhere (maybe a cruise!).

So what are you going to do for Valentines Day?  Do you celebrate with traditional gifts of candy, flowers or jewelry or do you do something else or nothing at all?

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