When Will The Rest of 2013 Disney Cruises Come Out?

/When Will The Rest of 2013 Disney Cruises Come Out?

When Will The Rest of 2013 Disney Cruises Come Out?

That is a question I’ve been hearing (and asking!) a lot lately.  That plus “when will 2014 bookings come out”.  I must say that Disney is not that far behind with releasing dates as compared to other cruise lines.  In fact, at times, Disney is ahead of the other cruise lines.  However, for those who have only cruised Disney, it does seem as if they are waiting longer and  longer, but maybe that is because we are getting more anxious to find out where they will go next.

I do want to know when the rest of 2013 cruises will be released because until that happens, there is next to no chance that the 2014 dates will come out.  One has to finish before the other will start, right?

We have heard some rumors now from two different sources onboard the Disney Magic that she will undergo an extensive dry dock after the European sailings in 2013.  Original rumors pointed towards Venice, but now we are hearing Cadiz, Spain for the dry dock.  This will be for approximately 5 weeks, though we aren’t sure if the dry dock will be for 5 weeks or the ship will be out of commission for 5 weeks.  We are hearing that when the Magic returns to the United States, she will not carry any passengers because there will still be work to finish up.  I know this information if it comes to fruition would disappoint many cruisers hoping for a Transatlantic sailing.

So what are they going to do during that time?  A major overhaul of the public areas and all the staterooms.  We have heard that they intend to bring the Magic up to date with the technologies on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.  One officer told us this will include virtual portholes in all the inside rooms, though that remains to be seen.

Where will she cruise from and what will her itinerary be?  The same goes for the Disney Wonder.  We do see the Disney Wonder in Grand Cayman on October 1, 8, 9, 15, and 22.  The Disney Magic is scheduled in Grand Cayman on November 4, 17.  This seems to indicate that the Disney Wonder will return back through the Panama Canal after the Alaskan season in 2013 and that the Disney Magic will be in the Caribbean, but not with her 2012 schedule from Galveston.  The Disney Magic is also on the port schedule for St. Maarten on October 22, but we have seen this for some time.

So what is your guess?  Where will the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder home port in the fall of 2013 and what itineraries will we see?  Hopefully, we’ll be able to update this information soon!

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