Will the Disney Magic Return to Europe in 2013?

/Will the Disney Magic Return to Europe in 2013?

Will the Disney Magic Return to Europe in 2013?

Many of our fans and clients are hoping to see a Mediterranean itinerary back on Disney Cruise Line®’s schedule for 2013.  Rumors that are circulating on Facebook and other discussion forums seem to support this idea!

Keep in mind that port schedules can be changed any time and until Disney Cruise Line announcing what is happening, these are just rumors.  We do not have any confirmation from Disney as to what has been found.

Here is what we are finding.

The Disney Magic® is on the port schedules in a number of European ports of call.  The first one to turn up was Madeira, Portugal.  The two dates showing on their schedule are May 28 and October 16, 2013.  Disney has used Madeira in previous Transatlantic crossings, plus as a stop for the new ships coming from Germany.

The next port showing the Disney Magic is Gibralter on May 30 and October 14, 2013.  This also coincides with a Transatlantic crossing.

Here’s where things are not clear.  The only other port showing the Disney Magic on its schedule is Villefranche with many stops between May 31 and September 2, 2013.  Some of the stops are only 2 days apart while others are up to 12 days apart.  This could mean that Disney hasn’t finalized the plans with other ports and wants to have options available in Villefranche.

Finally, we are seeing the Disney Magic on the port schedule for St. Maarten on October 22.  This also makes sense with a return Transatlantic sailing.  The Disney Magic is back on the schedule for Grand Cayman in early November, but then alternates weeks there.

As I stated at the beginning of this blog, these are rumors based on information from the ports of call directly.  Nothing has been confirmed.  We hope to see something official in the near future.

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